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Company Services

International transportation and customs clearance services for individuals and legal entities

Services for legal entities

Individual customs clearance Individual customs clearance of general cargo for export and import
Express consignment packages Customs processing of B2В and B2C express consignments, collecting and processing of data, coordination of shipments exceeding the limits

Services for individuals

Customs clearance of the Passenger Customs Declaration Customs clearance of goods for shipping to individuals for personal use on a Passenger Customs Declaration
Shopping without limits Custom clearance and collecting, processing and shipping of goods for personal use from online stores and other marketplaces throughout the world for personal use

Procedures we conduct:

  • Terminal cargo handling at bonded warehouse storage facilities
  • Analysis of shipping documents and characteristics of goods
  • Assistance in obtaining permits
  • Сustoms registration of foreign trade participants
  • Registration of customs declaration and register
  • Customs processing of goods
  • Collection of personal data of recipients on secure portal
  • Coordination of shipments exceeding the limits
  • Hotline for recipients on questions concerning shipments status
  • Online payment of customs duties on secure website
  • Identifying appropriate harmonized system (HS) classification codes for goods

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Сontract for services of customs representation


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All types of customs clearance
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